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65 Inch Touch All in One Display

65 Inch Touch All in One Display

65 Inch Touch All in One Display is an all-in-one computer that has a touch screen. It is designed to be used as a desktop computer, and is typically used in a corporate or educational setting.Please rest assured to buy our 65 inch touch all-in-one machine, we will provide you with the best after-sales service and timely delivery

Model:YARTAI 65 inch touch all-in-one machine

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Product Description

 YARTAI 65-inch touch-in-one is a multi-point touch screen, interactive electronic whiteboard, intelligent conference tablet computer and teaching all-in-one machine. Its shell material is very hard, and it is not easy to break. Its display screen and host are integrated, and the host chassis is also very light and thin. It is still very fashionable and modern to use.

The material of YARTAI 65 inch touch All in One Display chassis is very hard, not easy to break, its display and host are integrated host chassis is also very thin, it is still very fashionable and modern to use.The touch screen allows users to interact with the computer using their fingers, instead of using a mouse or keyboard. This makes it easier to navigate menus and applications, as well as perform tasks such as writing emails, editing documents, and browsing the web. The touch screen also allows for more interactive presentations, as well as the ability to use a stylus or other writing instrument. Touch All in One Displays are becoming increasingly popular, as they are more efficient and user friendly than traditional desktop computers.

Advantages of YARTAI65 inch touch all-in-one display

Convenient and practical, long service life, high durability;

Not afraid of scratches, long touch life.

YARTAI LCD drive board has fast heat dissipation, lightning protection and anti-interference. Withstand voltage (can withstand 35V voltage and 105 degrees high temperature), wide voltage (support 9V-28V). With IP65 dustproof and waterproof rating, YARTAI LCD can be used normally even in bad weather all year round.

The YARTAI LCD driver board is equivalent to an original device that connects the host and the display, and the host enters information through the driver board and then links the display output through the driver board.

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