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HDMI Driver Board
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HDMI Driver Board

The HDMI driver board also handles the HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection) encryption and authentication, which is used to protect copyrighted content from being illegally copied and distributed.Please rest assured to buy YARTAI HDMI driver board from our factory, we will provide you with the best after-sales service and timely delivery.

Model:YARTAI HDMI driver board

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Product Description

Product introduction

YARTAI HDMI driver board is mainly used to mate TFT LED PANEL, to achieve the highest resolution up to WXGA analog R, G, B input signal reproduction, color reproduction can support up to 24bit, up to 16.7 million pixels, ADC frequency up to 165MHz, and DCR (Dynamic Contrast Adjustment).The maximum Ganges River can reach 600 Ma. HDMI driver board is a circuit board that is used to control the connection between a source device, such as a Blu-ray player, and a display device, such as a television. It is responsible for converting the digital video and audio signals from the source device into the analog signals that are compatible with the display device. An HDMI driver board is a type of circuit board that allows for the connection of a digital video source, such as a DVD player, to a display device, such as a television or monitor. 
HDMI driver boards are designed to convert the digital video signal from the source into an analog signal that can be displayed on the display device. HDMI driver boards can also be used to connect multiple video sources to a single display device.

Advantages of HDMI driver board

 Color enhancement, color engine and other special functions make the color reproduction more realistic, more vivid and more vivid.

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