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LCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial Monitor
  • LCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial MonitorLCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial Monitor
  • LCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial MonitorLCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial Monitor

LCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial Monitor

As a professional YARTAI LCD monitor manufacturer, you are welcome to buy YARTAI LCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial Monitor from us. We have a wide range of LCD monitors, covering various scenarios and uses, including various sizes, curved screens, high resolution, low Blu-ray and other versions.Compared with some big brands, YARTAI's LCD monitors are more affordable, and their quality and brand guarantee will not cause any losses to customers.


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Product Description

N3423Q is a 34-inch ultra-wideband fish screen monitor. Due to the fish screen design, its large screen gives us a better visual impact and can see a wider viewing angle, so it can be used for multiple purposes on one screen and accommodate more window to handle multiple tasks and improve work efficiency.

Advantages of LCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial Monitor

Ultra-wide IPS display: This monitor uses a high-performance IPS display, supporting a 178-degree viewing angle, with a wider field of view and clearer pictures.

Great for multitasking: Thanks to the hairtail screen design, this monitor can accommodate more windows, allowing users to handle multiple tasks at the same time, improving work efficiency.

High resolution: UHD resolution is 3840 x 2160, which can present more vivid, detailed and rich images, providing users with high-quality visual effects.

High refresh rate 75Hz: The refresh rate is up to 75Hz, which is smoother than ordinary 60Hz monitors and can achieve a more natural and realistic picture display.

Wide viewing angle and fish screen design: The fish screen design increases the viewing area, shortens the distance the eyeballs move, and reduces fatigue. The wide viewing angle allows multiple people to watch the display at the same time.

Multifunctional interface: This monitor supports multiple interfaces and is easy to connect, making it convenient to use and switch devices.

Excellent color expression: The TFT-IPS panel used in the LCD 34-inch UHD 75HZ fish screen display can provide more accurate color performance, making the picture more realistic and natural.

To sum up, YARTAI's N3423Q 34-inch ultra-wideband fish screen monitor can provide a more comfortable visual experience and a higher-quality image experience. The combination of multiple high-quality features makes it very suitable for business and personal users in various occasions. If you need to purchase or know more information about this product, please contact YARTAI.

Parameters of LCD 34 Inch UHD 75HZ Commercial Monitor





Screen resolution

Angle of view (degree)

Response time

Color gamut

Average brightness









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