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What's so good about commercial monitors?


What's so good about commercial monitors?

The advantages of commercial monitors can improve office efficiency. I mainly introduce them from the following points:

1. The new experience of "human-computer interaction" makes the meeting smoother. the Participants can not only see the screen clearly, but also support multi-person touch, simultaneous writing, wiping, and zooming in on content with the help of infrared sensing technology. The picture quality is clear and sharp, and the details are accurately portrayed. Millimeter-level high-precision recognition of whiteboard handwriting allows participants to write ideas and opinions directly on the screen, or revise and approve PPT. After the meeting, you can also scan the QR code to take away the meeting minutes with one click, which is convenient and quick. the

2. The mode of "LCD screen + operating system" adapts to diversified office scenarios. theTraditional conference sites use projectors, and the lights need to be turned off to see the screen clearly. Huawei's commercial display has 4K ultra-high-definition resolution, and the screen can be seen clearly in any scene without blind spots. Moreover, in order to facilitate everyone's daily office work, it supports fast wireless projection. No matter it is a tablet computer, mobile phone, or PC, the screen can be connected with IdeaHub, and the content can be quickly displayed on a commercial display to realize multi-person interaction on the same screen and two-way operation. At the same time, Huawei's commercial monitors can also display different conference images in split screens, making it more intuitive when comparing solutions, making communication more comprehensive, convenient and efficient.

3. Telepresence meeting, remote communication with zero distance.

It can better mobilize the hardware system performance and quickly create conference rooms. No matter where the participants are, they can scan the code to join the meeting through ports such as mobile phones, Pads or computers to realize remote two-way collaboration. All participants can annotate and modify the screen content in real time through their own ports, and commercial displays can meet various needs such as collaborative office, collaborative research and development, and collaborative production. Make meeting as convenient as opening a window, and make collaboration very simple. the

4. Rich cloud ecological applications improve the fun of office life. the

The commercial display has a complete software ecosystem, and the built-in application store contains more than N large-screen applications that have been adapted. Users can directly download Xiaohongshu, Douyin, WPS and other applications to make office life more entertaining.