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Usher in new opportunities with the help of industrial automation [industrial control computers]!


With the continuous growth of the industrial automation and industrial control computer market, the composition of industrial automation control systems is diversified, which includes the trend of automatic automation transformation. Each market is showing a rapid growth and expansion model.

Industrial control computers, that is, industrial control computers, in the operation of automated production lines, the automated control of each link is also an important part in addition to the application of automation software. It has important computer attributes and characteristics, such as computer CP, hard disk, memory, peripherals and interfaces, as well as an operating system, control network and protocols, computing capabilities, and a friendly human-computer interface. The products and technologies in the industrial control industry are very special and are intermediate products that provide reliable, embedded, and intelligent industrial computers for other industries.

  The automation trend started with the re-industrialization of European and American economic development, and with the development trend of industrial manufacturing production, it began to move from traditional labor-intensive manufacturing to automated production. This process is long-term and cannot be completed in a short time. In the current production transformation process, some old automated production lines also need to be modernized, which will further promote the development of the industrial automation control industry market.

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