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27-inch 360HZ+2K high-end configuration, YARTAI’s new GX278Q high-brush gaming LCD monitor


Recently, YARTAI has launched a new GX278Q with a refresh rate of 360Hz. The GX278Q is a 27-inch 2K 360HZ gaming monitor. It has passed HDR600 certification and has a GTG response delay as low as 1ms.

YARTAI's 27-inch 2K 360HZ e-sports monitor is equipped with Ultrafast IPS fast LCD panel technology, allowing it to meet the high-quality operation of various mainstream games on the market. For example, when we play FPS games running at high frame rates such as "CSGO", "FireWire Elite", "Foreign Landing 3D", "PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds" and other high frame rates, we can clearly feel that the game screen is smoother and smoother, and the game experience is straighter. Soaring.

And the colors are also very textured. The color gamut coverage of up to 95% DCI-P3 and 100% sRGB allows us to experience the most realistic game picture quality and improve the gaming experience. YARTAI’s gaming 27-inch 2K360HZ monitor has rich interfaces, including HDMI *2+ DP 1.4*2 + Audio.

YARTAI's e-sports 27-inch 2K360HZ monitor also has a lifting and tilting bracket that supports up and down lifting, height and pitch adjustment, VESA 100mm*100mm standard wall mounting and RGB e-sports atmosphere lighting behind it, which can be adjusted according to your height and sitting posture to create an exclusive and comfortable viewing angle. We can easily adjust to the most suitable settings, making it more comfortable to use. We say goodbye to the trouble of changing to a new monitor that cannot adapt to the original usage habits, helping players to fight for a long time and better experience various popular games.

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