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What are the advantages of high refresh rate screens for e-sports monitors?


Compared with previous computer screens, the environment has changed a lot in recent years. They are no longer the same 60Hz+1080P. Today’s screens generally have ultra-high refresh rates, adaptive synchronization technology and extremely high resolutions. Especially the high refresh rate of the screen. Not only computers, TV monitors, but even mobile phones are using high refresh rate screens, so I feel the need to tell you what you need to know before maintaining a harmonious and happy long-term relationship with a screen.

Advantages of high refresh rate screens

First of all, you may want to know, what are the advantages of high refresh rate monitors?
We have always said high refresh rate, but what is refresh rate? The unit of refresh rate is Hertz, which is commonly known as "Hz". Contrary to the mainstream view, the human eye is actually very good at detecting movement changes, which means that the human eye is not limited to 24 seconds per second. frames, so a higher refresh rate can actually be effectively captured by the human eye. A high refresh rate will not only make the various actions on your screen look smoother, but it is also crucial for gaming. Paired with a powerful graphics card and processor, it can make actions appear smoother by reducing fluctuations and blur. Reality can also increase immersion.
Another benefit of a high refresh rate screen is that not only is the action smoother, you can also see more frames. In other words, you capture visual elements that are missing from more general displays. In fast-paced games, this isn't just a sensory advantage, it gives you a competitive advantage. In fact, almost all current players and e-sports teams value high refresh rate displays because such displays allow players to see things more clearly or faster than their opponents.

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