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How to choose different size monitors when playing games?


In professional e-sports events, players need to maintain a high concentration of attention, and a display size of about 24 inches is very suitable. This is because a certain visual distance needs to be maintained between the user and the display, and the screen of this size can better cover the whole screen within the appropriate distance, and at the same time, it can take into account every detail of the screen, which is conducive to the best performance of the athletes. Therefore, about 24 inches is also considered as the gold size of the E-sports display.

For most users, in addition to playing games, the monitor also needs to take into account the use needs of office and watching movies. When the screen size is too small, it is tiring to watch for a long time, and the screen size is too large, which requires a high space. In this case, it is recommended to select a 27-inch monitor.

In addition to the high refresh rate of the display, visual immersion is also very important when playing racing games. A 34-inch ultra-wide screen curved display can provide a wider view and better visual surround, so that we can get the visual experience as in a real cab

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