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Some commonly used display categories


We now use a lot of electronic equipment, so the display screen is not strange to us. Do you know the classification of display screen? Let's take a look.

1. CRT display

It is a display using a cathode ray tube. The cathode ray tube is mainly composed of five parts: electron gun, deflection coils, shadow mask, phosphor layer and glass shell.

It is one of the most widely used displays. CRT flat panel displays have the advantages that LCD displays can't surpass, such as large viewing angle, no bad points, high color restoration, uniform chromaticity, adjustable multi-resolution mode, and extremely short response time.

2. LCD display

LCD display, or liquid crystal display, has the advantages of thin body, small floor space and small radiation, giving people a healthy product image. I can't see all of it. The use of LCD screen may not protect the eyes, which depends on the habit of everyone using computers.

3. IPS screen

IPS screen is a technology based on TFT, and its essence is TFT screen.

IPS screen is a screen using IPS technology. Compared with ordinary display screens, IPS screen has a clearer and more delicate dynamic display effect, and the visual effect is more outstanding. Therefore, when we choose LCD display or smart phone screen, IPS screen will show more color.

4. Nixie tube

The nixie tube is controlled by the circuit. There is a lamp on the back. The display is controlled by the control lamp. The shape can be made at will, but only the fixed pattern can be displayed. Relatively cheap, the light is relatively uniform, circuit control, no customized display screen, and color change can be achieved by controlling the lamp.

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