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E-sports all-in-one machine is the general trend


Due to the unreasonable space design of the early all-in-one machine, the CPU and graphics card are limited to the manufacturing process, and the heat generation is relatively large, so many people have poor heat dissipation of the all-in-one machine. But in fact, with the progress of chip manufacturing technology, the heat of CPU and graphics card itself has been controlled very well. For example, the Minglongtang Tianyu E-sports all-in-one machine adopts a large area heat dissipation design. The cold air is sucked in from the bottom and the hot air is discharged from both sides. The heat dissipation efficiency is very high. This excellent air duct can effectively control the temperature of the whole machine. Whether it is a game or a design, it can be easily competent.

The performance of low-voltage U in the past is indeed poor, but today's all-in-one PC basically uses desktop CPU and graphics card, and its performance is no weaker than that of desktop PC. For example, Minglongtang Tianyu E-sports all-in-one machine is equipped with a desktop processor i7 6700 processor, which can be said to be one of the top desktop processors at present. With a GTX 1060 6GB graphics card with better performance than GTX 980, can you say that the all-in-one machine has poor performance? I said that this all-in-one machine is stronger than most desktop computers on the market, and almost all the games on the market. Through the test, the average number of frames of "Watch Pioneer", "League of Heroes" and "Dota2" of this all-in-one machine is as high as 110+, 240+and 120+respectively, so the performance of all-in-one game is poor, I'm afraid it is biased.

Due to the cost of the previous all-in-one machine, the screen display effect is very poor. However, Minglongtang Tianyu E-sports all-in-one machine is not. Since it is called E-sports all-in-one machine, the screen must not be ambiguous. The Minglongtang Tianyu E-sports all-in-one machine uses a 27-inch curved screen with 1800R curvature, which can make players feel the maximum fit for human vision. And the Minglongtang Tianyu E-sports all-in-one machine uses a 144Hz refresh rate display, which is a very important function for the game. The resolution of most LCD displays is only 60Hz, but for professional athletes, the FPS must reach more than 100 before they can feel coherent, otherwise the picture will appear incoherent. If a display with a refresh rate of 144Hz is used, this phenomenon will not occur basically. This is also why the all-in-one e-sports machine must support a refresh rate of 144Hz. The 144Hz screen has no tear and lag in the game screen, and the display effect is more amazing.

It is said that the hardware of the all-in-one E-sports machine cannot be upgraded, but most users who buy computers will not consider upgrading, and the hardware of the all-in-one E-sports machine of Minglongtang Tianyu is at the top level, and there will be no bottleneck in three or five years. In addition, the all-in-one machine has less wires and does not occupy space. Students with obsessive-compulsive disorder no longer need to worry about the whole line.

Throughout the development of science and technology, all products are reducing complexity to simplicity, and computers are no exception. The excellent appearance and powerful performance of the all-in-one machine will certainly occupy a place in the future PC market. It may only be a matter of time before replacing desktop computers

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