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Three reasons why the computer monitor does not light up and solutions


I believe everyone has encountered the problem that the computer monitor does not light up. There are many reasons why the screen does not light up. Only by troubleshooting the fault now can we fix it with the right medicine, so this tutorial will tell you the solution.

The specific method is as follows:

1. Display problem

First, power on the computer monitor alone to see if the light on the monitor can be turned on normally. If the monitor is damaged, please replace it in time.

2. Connecting line problem

Check the connection cable between the computer and the monitor for any problems, such as loose wires or poor contact. You can re-plug the connecting cable or replace a connecting cable to try to solve the problem.

3. Memory module problem

If the memory stick is poorly contacted or damaged and the computer monitor cannot be displayed, you can unplug the memory stick, wipe the gold finger and reinsert it to try to solve the problem.

The monitor is a very important hardware device of the computer. If the monitor is not on, no operation can be performed. If you encounter this problem, you must deal with it in time.