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What is the difference between a commercial monitor and a television?


What is the difference between a commercial monitors and a television?

 commercial monitors  and televisions have the following differences:
The scanning frequency is different, the TV is 50HZ, and the monitor is above 60HZ;
The display resolution is different, the TV scans up to 625 lines horizontally, while the commercial display is much higher;
Scanning methods are different, televisions use interlaced scanning,  commercial monitors use progressive scanning;
The interfaces are different. TVs mostly have TV and AV interfaces, and some have S interfaces and component interfaces.  commercial monitors generally only have VGA interfaces.

In recent years, televisions and commercial displays have developed, and there is a trend of mutual integration:
The TV has both the function of a display, with functions such as frequency above 60HZ, high resolution, progressive scan, VGA interface, etc. This type of TV can also be used as a display at the same time.
Some of the  commercial monitors also have TV interfaces such as TV and AV, which can be used as TV sets.

Interoperability method:
The old-fashioned TV is used as a monitor: install a graphics card with TV function on the computer, and connect the AV interface on the graphics card to the AV interface on the TV. The disadvantage is that the resolution is too low, it’s okay to watch movies, but you can’t read text characters clearly.
The old-fashioned monitor is used as a TV: you need to install a TV signal conversion device to watch TV programs on the cable network, otherwise you can only watch Internet TV.
A TV with VGA function is used as a monitor: just connect the VGA display cable of the computer to the TV.
The monitor with TV function is used as a TV: just connect the cable TV cable to the TV interface on the display.

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